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Repercussions Of Speaking Up

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The more I try to reach out to teens, the more I see how nervous people are about sharing their story. Because they are scared of the repercussions of speaking up.

I get it, I really do. I had the same fear a couple of years ago.

It’s one of those things where, if you talk about bullying, you worry that your bullies will see it and their anger make them lash out against you even more. Or even worse, someone else you go to school with see it and start bullying you for being week, so you then have to deal with even more bullying.

Or if you talk about depression, you worry your parents will see and be mad you haven’t talked to them about it, despite the fact you have tried time and time again and they just don’t hear you. They don’t see what you are trying to tell them. Not because they are bad parents, but simply because no parent really wants to think about their child being depressed in fear that they have done something wrong as a parent.

Maybe  you are scared that if you talk about being bipolar, the people around you will say you are just a “moody teen.”

I completely understand. I won’t pretend I haven’t faced some of those repercussions myself. Sadly, I have.

But what I think is truly sad about it is that we are silenced by these repercussions and our fear of them. It’s already sad that people truly don’t take teen mental health serious, but we aren’t even really able to talk about it because we are so scared that we will be bullied and treated poorly.

It’s sad that we can’t discuss what we go through without having to fear how people will treat us and if they will use it against us.

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