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Let’s Stop Bullying

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Truth is, we will never to completely stop bullying. Not 100%, because it’s just our nature it seems. But we can help the children going through bullying, and help to prevent it as much as possible. And as a victim of bullying, these are the things I think will help.

  1. Teach them young.  Bullying affects people of all ages, and children feel things so intensely. I was bullied as a child and I never was taught how to deal or cope. This led to me developing bad habits at a young age because it was the only way I could get through it.
  2. Mindfulness. Let’s teach them to be aware of their feelings and how to express them. if they are able to better express their feelings, it could lead to conflict solving skills and prevent some bullying from starting or getting worse. Too often when kids are young, they are bullying because they don’t know the proper ways to express themselves. Such as, if a student is mad because a child wouldn’t play with them, they may result to name calling like “stupidhead”. May not seem like a big deal to us older people, but to a child, that is heartbreaking.
  3. Assemblies. Most of the bullying assemblies I have seen have been boring. That doesn’t catch a kids attention. When they reach middle school level, we need to begin talking about depression and anxiety, and how bullying can affect those two things. But make them interesting. Grab the kids attention. Maybe have some seniors who have faced bullying come talk about what they went through and how they got through it.
  4. Support groups. Because kids need a place they feel safe to talk about their feelings. And support groups in high schools could give them that. The bullies won’t care enough about it to show up, but the people needing the help probably would. And it would be a great chance for them to make friends with others who understand.

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